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Who we are?

FunRock is a mobile games company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We are passionate about creating great mobile strategy games that players will come back to for years. The company is built around individuals with a long track-record in the games industry that all share the same excitement for high-quality mobile entertainment.


At FunRock we make strategy games for mobile phones and tablets. We are located in Stockholm, Sweden, and consist of experienced game developers that have been part of creating successful game titles in the past. The company share a mutual mission: To take the MMO strategy genre to the next level.

To us, community is everything. Without loyal players who come back to our titles for years, FunRock is nothing. We are not only highly motivated and focused on delivering fantastic gaming experiences in the strategy genre, but also focused on growing and maintaining the loyal FunRock fan base that makes the rocket lift.

Engaging game play, stunning visual content, and next-generation technology mashed together means quality. And quality is the most important word in our vocabulary.


Where we work

FunRock offers a fast-paced and creative working environment where game and tech lovers come together to create next generation entertainment for mobile phones and tablets. Our office is based in Stockholm, Sweden, the hotbed of games development and technology.

the team

David Wallinder
Chief Executive Officer

Magdy Shehata
Chief Commercial Officer

Joakim Höglund
Lead Product Development

Emil Stålberg
Lead Artist

Erik Tobieson
Chairman of the Board

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