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At FunRock we make all games free to play, mobile first, and truly cross-platform. We believe in localization – games should be translated and adjusted to fit player preferences across the world. We have our roots in massively multiplayer online (MMO) browser games in the strategy genre and find smart phones and tablets as the perfect devices to run our games.
  • Rivality

    Rivality is great fun, intriguing and has been constantly polished since 2008. Soon available in app stores as “Rivality: Zombie Attack” with new unique features.
  • Commandster

    Commandster is an addictive MMO game that adds a new dimension to the mid-core strategy genre. Chose side, good or evil, and start building your army now!
  • Band Tycoon

    Band Tycoon is a unique MMO game where you manage your own band to fame, glory and success with a connection to stars and idols in the real world…

Truly cross-platform, the FunRock way, means that all games are available over multiple platforms with the same user credentials – making it simple to mix Android and iOS devices with PCs in never ending game sessions.

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